Physical Commodities

Our Clients

We build relationships with our clients to meet their commodities demands.  Other clients consist of governments, universities, hospitals and local wholesalers and retail stores.  Our exact processing time for deliveries makes our supply chain and inventory  management affordable and efficient.  Our goal is to give  our clients peace of mind.

Our Products


Owned and Managed by Mid Atlantic Logistics Unlimited, Inc.

Mid Atlantic Logistics Unlimited Inc. known as MALU is a global physical commodity trading and logistics company designed to assist you with your business growth.  Our main goal is to get you access to raw materials and easy logistics movement globally.  We do that by :

  • Buying and selling physical commodities globally.

  • Eliminate challenges most procurement departments face in big corporations and governments

  • Provide client with value services through easy performance in the fulfillment of trade, execution, preparation and negotiation for obtaining the best competitive rate in the marketplace.

  • Establish  good working relationships with global suppliers and buyers to build a business to business credit and trust